PrinterPrezz and Vertex Manufacturing form a strategic alliance to improve medical 3D printing workflows

Above: PrinterPrezz and Vertex Manufacturing offer advanced additive manufacturing for medical devices / Image source: PrinterPrezz

PrinterPrezz, Inc., a pioneer in combining polymer and metal 3D printing, announced a strategic alliance with Vertex Manufacturing, a Cincinnati-based company providing advanced manufacturing services from development to production to provide customers with multiple advanced medical device additive manufacturing services to improve medical 3D printing workflows.

PrinterPrezz, with its surgical expertise in medical device design and manufacture, aims to improve medical 3D printing workflows by bringing innovative next-generation medical devices to market faster and by connecting medicine and manufacturing to the first Medifacturing ™ Company in the World.

As part of the alliance, PrinterPrezz and Vertex will work together to provide customers with multiple services for advanced medical additive manufacturing.

Shri Shetty, CEO of PrinterPrezz, explains: “Delivering a full suite of offers to our customers ensures better visibility, improved delivery times and faster learning and improvement in all additive manufacturing workflows. With this partnership, we can offer medical device manufacturers a comprehensive medical 3D printing workflow from 3D printing to post-processing under a single quality management system. “

Shetty continued, “PrinterPrezz has manufacturing facilities and innovation laboratories in the San Francisco Bay Area, near major research hospitals, large-scale surgery centers, and innovative medical device companies. PrinterPrezz resources include extensive design services and equipment for metal 3D printing of medical devices and instruments, and programs for polymeric materials. Greg and the team at Vertex Manufacturing, based in Cincinnati, Ohio, have decades of experience post-processing complex additive-manufactured parts, offering traditional machining and specialized post-processing technologies. With this strategic alliance, customers of both companies will have access to an integrated platform for 3D design, advanced 3D printing and post-processing for medical devices. “

Greg Morris, CEO of Vertex and CTO of PrinterPrezz, commented, “This strategic alliance will expand the applications of 3D printing technology and its uses in the medical device industry. Putting this knowledge in the hands of engineers and surgeons is key to enabling next generation medical devices. With fully certified ISO 13485: 2016 facilities, PrinterPrezz and Vertex together can offer a new level of insight, understanding and application of the latest 3D printing technologies. “

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