QFZA, WOLF Group, Msheireb Properties sign agreement to introduce 3D printing, digitization center

Qatar Free Zones Authority (QFZA), WOLF Group and Msheireb Properties have an agreement to build a 3D printing and digitization center and art gallery in the Ras Bufontas Free Zone, based in the Doha Design District in Msheireb. signs downtown Doha.
QFZA CEO Lim Meng Hui, WOLF Group CEO and Founder Mariusz Król, and Acting CEO of Msheireb Properties, Ali al-Kuwari, signed the agreement at a ceremony recently held in Msheireb downtown Doha.
Senior members of the management teams from QFZA, WOLF and Msheireb Properties also attended the ceremony. The new partnership is in line with the three entities’ vision to advance technological development and support modern art for Qatar and the region as a whole.
The 3D printing and digitization center will give artists and companies access to next generation technologies such as 3D printing and innovative new techniques for scanning and photogrammetry.
The WOLF Group will enable the transfer of artistic works from digital versions to real works of art using various resources, including recycled materials, thus helping to raise awareness of sustainable development methods. The hub will be a place where designers and the general public can meet, create and be inspired.
The partnership will also strengthen Doha’s position as a regional design hub. The collaboration supports Qatar National Vision 2030 to advance sustainable development and strike a balance between the country’s growth needs and protecting the environment.
Hui said: “We are excited to welcome the WOLF Group in partnership with Msheireb Properties as part of Qatar’s rapidly growing technology and creative ecosystem in the Qatar Free Zones. The 3D printing and digitization center is the first of its kind in Qatar and will be an invaluable resource for the country’s design and creative community. This hub will also provide unique support to companies in our manufacturing, automotive, aerospace and biomedical sectors through the development and rapid prototyping and manufacturing of products from innovative, biocompatible materials.
“This will have a significant impact in terms of reducing production costs, increasing lead times and improving time-to-market for these companies. QFZA has long been committed to sustainable development, as evidenced by our recent GSAS sustainability certification, and we look forward to working closely with WOLF Group and Msheireb Properties to promote modern art, drive technological advancement, and innovation and creativity in our free zones and throughout the region. “
Krol said: “3D printing and the reuse of recycled materials are at the heart of the WOLF Group’s strategy. We are excited to celebrate this strategic collaboration with Msheireb Properties to offer technological support as well as innovative solutions in various areas such as the use of recycled materials, furniture production, art, games and animation.
“The WOLF Group is proud to be the first free zone company headquartered in Msheireb Properties as part of the Doha Design District. We are guided by the vision of Qatar and want to create jobs for highly qualified people and at the same time offer them access to an innovative hub. “
Al-Kuwari added: “We thank the Qatar Free Zones Authority and the WOLF Group for this collaboration and for choosing the Doha Design District as the location for this initiative. Msheireb Downtown Doha is all about design, creativity and innovation and we continue to host world class international design organizations from around the world to realize our vision and create a great hub for the creative community in Qatar and the region. We are confident that this will bring great added value to our local artists and companies who share common values ​​in terms of sustainability. “
The 3D printing hub will be a special place for the development of large format 3D printing with recycled materials (PETG). This enables the production of functional furniture designed by the best local and international artists from around the world. In the longer term, the WOLF Group is planning to implement multi-series production.
The WOLF Group is currently working with Msheireb Properties and the Seashore Group on the world’s largest printed object made from recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET). It was designed by Przemyslaw “Mac” Stopa from Massive Design, who will also design the interiors of the 3D printing and digitization center. It will become a major sustainability statement adorning the Doha skyline and becoming a major tourist attraction.
Qatar is experiencing rapid digital growth in all industries, including as part of the preparations for the 2022 FIFA World Cup – the world’s largest sporting event. The new partnerships in the technology sector create an attractive market for foreign corporations, medium-sized companies and startups that are geared towards innovative solutions. The 3D printing and digitization center will provide technology support to other companies in the Qatar Free Trade Zones, the Doha Design District, and across the country and region.
The Doha Design District is now an important part of Doha’s cultural fabric and helps promote local designers. It strengthens Msheireb Downtown Doha’s position as an arts and creative district and serves as a state-of-the-art hub for local designers. Focused on innovation and creativity, the Doha Design District aims to be a world-class travel destination that prioritizes the needs of creatives and attracts local and regional designers to interact with their global counterparts.

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