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The new Filaflex 60A ‘PRO’ filament from Recreus is the latest addition to the Filaflex range. With Shore 60A hardness, this new filament is the most resilient and softest in its entire range, making it a likely candidate for the most resilient filament title on the market dedicated to professional users

With Filaflex 60A ‘PRO’, Recreus culminates in years of development in order to achieve a material that goes beyond the flexibility of Shore 70A. The The new filament is designed for the most demanding and experienced professionals in 3D printing flexible materials.

Part of the Filaflex family, llike his older brothers (Filaflex 70A ‘Ultra-Soft’, Filaflex 82A ‘Original’ and Filaflex 95A ‘Medium-Flex’), Filaflex 60A ‘PRO’ is highly elastic. This means that after stretching, it returns to its original shape without deforming, as long as the elastic limit of the material is not exceeded.

With a growing community of fans of flexible, who increasingly have experience and experience printing with flexible filaments (even Filaflex 70A filaments), fueled by the increased availability of new low-cost 3D printers like the Artillery Sidewinder x1, which prints perfectly on this type of soft and elastic filaments, it was time for Recreus to develop and advance in the search for maximum elasticity.

The company decided it was time to go a step further and meet these users’ demands to print with very soft materials, close to silicone. Something unique and unmatched in the market. A filament that meets the requirements of Recreus’ quality standards and the expectations of most PRO employees in the flexible field.

Filaflex 60A ‘PRO’ is now available in reel sizes of 500 grams and 3 kg and in black and white with a diameter of 1.75 mm and 2.85 mm.

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