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The Ridge Meadows Recycling Society, which has a variety of plastic recycling programs, promotes the global movement for plastic-free July.

The Plastic Free July movement was launched in 2011 by Rebecca Prince-Ruiz, founder of the Plastic Free Foundation, a nonprofit charity that runs several environmental campaigns around the world.

Leanne Koehn, leader of community engagement for the recycling company, said the company has been participating in the Plastic Free July movement for several years, with its summer students taking the lead in the program.

“Our summer student Ella is doing the July Plastic Free Challenge and will post updates on our social media and a summary at the end of the month,” Koehn said, adding that students in the past have been streaming live on Facebook. made their experiences at the end of the month.

The summer students take part in the plastic-free July challenge every year and aim to eliminate plastic from their daily lives while looking for alternatives. All plastic that you cannot avoid goes into your “dilemma bag”, which you unpack and reflect on during the live stream.

The live stream offers community members an opportunity to ask questions of the students, and in the past students have asked themselves questions ranging from the greatest challenge of the challenge to reducing their plastic use in a month.

Koehn also started an information and accountability Facebook group called Ridge Meadows Plastic Free July, which has 55 participants so far.

The recycling society has similarly advocated better recycling practices since its inception by participating in several global environmental movements. They have a book recycling program, one for textiles, one for colored and white styrofoam and, since the beginning of this year, an oil take-back program.

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“In 2019, shortly before the pandemic, we carried out an entire summer campaign on the subject of ‘Embrace Zero Waste, Refuse Single Use’. We encouraged people to swap out single-use items (bags, cups, straws, etc.) and find reusable alternatives, ”Koehn explained.

She also urges community members to find information about plastics on the recycling society’s website, from the do’s and don’ts to movie suggestions highlighting the urgent need to dispose of plastics. You can find more information about plastics at

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