Redline Plastics expands in Manitowoc

MANITOWOC (NBC 26) – Redline Plastics is expanding in Manitowoc, a project that will cost approximately $ 6 million in buildings and capital goods.

The company announced that it is building a 103,000 square foot extension to its manufacturing facility. In addition, the production area of ​​their current facility, which was completed in December 2019, will more than double.

The company is a manufacturer that makes plastics for various industries, as well as products for cutting and sewing leather and textiles.

In a press release, they said the space is being needed due to the rapid growth of their rotational molding and vacuum molding business.

“We had planned this expansion since the first half of the building began construction in 2019, but we haven’t anticipated an expansion for at least a couple of years,” said Nick Murray, vice president of operations of the position we are in , and continue our investments in the region, our employees and our customers. Without them all, our success would be limited. Future employment levels are difficult to predict, but if our growth and ability to deliver quality products on time continues, we can more than double our workforce over the next several years. “

In 2019 they had 75 employees with that number now at 145 with about 25 vacancies.

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