Reiloy expands barrel manufacturing capacity | Plastics technology

Reiloy USA has in Wichita / Maize, Kan.

The two electrically induced centrifugal casters will process 90% of the product mix that Reiloy sells at its Wichita facility. According to the company, the plant is equipped with the latest casting, drilling, honing and milling technologies.

The casting process and alloy powder technology are proprietary and were developed by the parent company Reifenhäuser, Troisdorf, Germany. They are used to make liners that are spun into electrically heated barrel blanks. This process enables Reiloy to produce standard and premium tungsten carbide barrel blanks, one of the most wear-resistant liners on the market.

The new casting lines will allow Reiloy USA to produce more just-in-time inventory for blanks and cylinders, which are primarily used in the injection molding and extrusion markets. The additional production capacity should support market supply and lead time for customers, says Reiloy.

Reiloy USA was founded after purchasing Westland Corp. founded by Reifenhauser in 2012.

Reiloy expands barrel manufacturing capacity

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