Research has shown that 20 companies produce half of single-use plastic waste – environmental protection

Research has shown that 20 companies produce half of all single-use plastic waste

Researchers and U.S. executives plan to take action before the problem escalates further.

Single-use plastic production is expected to grow by 30 percent over the next five years. This fuels its contribution to global warming and marine pollution, according to researchers who published a list of companies that make and fund disposable plastics.

About 20 companies have been billed as the source of half of the world’s single-use plastic waste. This was done by the Plastic Waste Makers Index published by the Australia-based philanthropic Minderoo Foundation. Single-use plastics such as face masks, medical devices, grocery bags, coffee mugs and cling film are made from polymers that use fossil fuels as their raw material.

According to an article, 130 million tons of single-use plastics were thrown away worldwide in 2019, 35 percent of them incinerated, 31 percent buried in managed landfills and 19 percent dumped on land or into the sea.

An index uses a range of data to track the flow of single-use plastic materials through their life cycle. This ranged from polymer form to finished goods and waste. She valued where it was produced, processed, consumed and disposed of.

ExxonMobil generated 5.9 million tons of single-use plastic waste in 2019. The company said it “shares society’s concern about plastic waste and agrees it needs to be addressed”. The company plans to take action by increasing recyclability, supporting efforts to recover more plastic waste, and working on advanced recycling solutions that could help reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with products.

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