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R&R Technologies LLC is a plastic rotational molding service provider throughout the United States!  They are centrally located at 7560 East County Line Road, Edinburgh, IN 46124. Call (812) 526-2655 for more information on the different services they offer for rotational molding!

There clients have come to depend on the quality of their custom rotational molding services. In contrast to other plastic and polymer molding approaches, rotational molding is exceptionally cost effective. The rotational molds are less costly than either injection or blow molds and they can be easily modified. The rotational process itself is preferably fit for low volume plastics that typically include yearly volumes of 10,000 parts or less.


Rotational Molding Gives Long Lasting Strength and Lasting Durability


The plastic rotational molding process can produce hollow uniformed parts that are extremely strong. Throughout roto mold production, resin streams to the external edges and corners of the rotational mold creating a completed part with rotomolded tanks included strength and stability.

An example of this would be material handling items like recyclable containers and reusable product packaging (pallets, ISO containers, JIT product delivery systems). This manufacturing strategy can likewise offer long term expense services for many different items and markets that many people are uninformed of.

For more details and ideas, call 812-526-2655 and they will be glad to answer any concerns you might have!


Rotational Molding Provides the Option of Specialized Foam Filling


Another advantage we can provide is the ability of having a part foam filled with rigid polyurethane foam for included insulation and for more stability. Most coolers will utilize the space between the double wall location for the insertion of insulation and we have the capabilities to add that.

At R & R Technologies we offer a specialized technique foam filled rotational molding that can take PVC components and have them foam filled with soft polyurethane foam. These elements are typically used in industrial devices for seats, armrests, seat backs and leg bumpers. The excellent advantage of roto-molded vinyl elements is that they typically last the life expectancy of the equipment that they are mounted to. Please contact us for more information!

  • They Do Molded-Inserts, Custom Graphics and Custom Colors
  • “On Time” Delivery
  • Low Volume Runs
  • Engineering Capabilities
  • Strength and Longevity
  • Soft Foam Capabilities
  • Recycled Material
  • Maintenance Department
  • More Economical Tooling
  • Stiff Foam Capabilities
  • Customization and Assembly
  • 24 Hour/5 Day Per Week Operation

The creating of a quality mold is the first step in producing a practical, quality part. Our engineering department is able to work with various kinds of electronic drawings like Auto Cad 2000 and Solid Works.

In addition to our design support, RRT also can oversee tooling procurement of molds made from cast aluminum, sheet metal, machined and plate aluminum, and electro-formed nickel. If your product has an unique requirement, such as requiring a technique of securing the part to another, or to have inlet/outlet pipes connected, we can develop the correct size of metal or plastic inserts, brass or spin weld, for the part.

During the production process our Quality Control department is actively involved, making sure the product you envisioned is the one you will get. There are lots of standards and tolerances that have actually to be met during the rotational process and that is why our Quality Lab measures the parts constantly to ensure they meet the specified requirements. RRT can also measure parts for temperature level extremes, and for water pressure requirements.


Benefits of Rotational Molding


  • Components originally put together from numerous pieces can be formed as one piece.
  • Companies can produce regular, tension totally free wall surface area thickness along with outdoors strong corners.
  • Engineers can select the best plastics and likewise additives they desire added, making the elements climate-resistant, flame retardant, or static complimentary.
  • Designers have the option of adding inserts, deals with, threads, small cuts and also ultra-fine surface area details.
  • Huge along with little components can be generated.
  • Seeing that there is no inner core, easy changes can be contributed to pre-existing molds making the procedure additional economical.
  • Parts are formed with heat as well as rotation, unlike the injection molding process, which needs high pressure.
  • Product and manufacturing rates are lower since lighter materials can change much heavier ones and more expensive products.
  • Business can get their plastic product rapidly from prototyping and into the market faster.

Call R&R Technologies LLC today for a free Consultation at (812) 526-2655.

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