Scientific journal is dedicated to the “plastic dilemma”

The latest edition of Science discusses mechanical and chemical recycling, global politics, and more. | qvist / Shutterstock

Science Magazine has published a special issue that covers various facets of the global problem of plastic pollution. The articles address efforts to reduce the amount of material released into the environment and advances (and deficiencies) in recycling.

The scientific journal published an issue on July 2, entitled “Our Plastic Dilemma,” which examines the rise of plastic as a common material, the environmental hazards it poses, and possible solutions to reduce its impact in the future.

“A series of review articles discuss how plastics are best understood as novel geomaterials, the evolutionary and ecological dimensions of plastic ingestion by wild animals, the accumulation and effects of plastic pollution in the environment, and how innovations in upcycling and recycling affect the fate of plastics and drive advances in material design of the next generation, ”the authors said in the introduction to the topic.

The American Association for the Advancement of Science, which publishes the magazine, has highlighted the topic in a press release.

“The fallacy of mechanical recycling has already taught us that technology alone cannot and cannot solve the plastic pollution crisis. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to the complexity of plastic pollution, ”says the press release, which is quoted from an article in the issue. “A sustainable future for plastics can only be secured through committed action and coordination along the value chain.”

The issue features articles on microbes that can break down plastic polymers, ongoing efforts to create an international treaty to combat plastic pollution, mechanical and chemical recycling, and more.

The University of Denver published an interview with two researchers at the institution who wrote an article for the magazine.

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