Spectrum Plastics continues to invest in microforms with clean room expansion

Spectrum Plastics Group, a global solution provider for the development through scaled manufacturing of critical polymer-based components and devices for medical and other demanding markets, has announced a major renovation and cleanroom expansion project at its Minneapolis, MN facility.

The 105,000 m² facility increases the class 8 clean room production area to a total of 10,000 m², invests in additional molding machine capacity, renovates the office and staff rooms and continues to update the facility to take into account the modern, highly technical molding services.

Paul Schmeling, Senior VP of Specialty Molding, said of the expansion: “In the last 3 years, Spectrum has quietly invested 15 new injection molding machines in this market segment in injection molding machines over the balance of this and next year.”

Much of this capacity will be in injection molding machines of 110 tons and less, which is the company’s focus on high-precision small and micro-molded parts for the medical and defense industries.

The new class 8 clean room will be a specially built molding and assembly clean room specially developed for the special challenges of clean room molding. The material drying and all processing aids are located outside the clean room and enter the clean room at the press. Dedicated utilities, including high purity nitrogen and oil-free compressed air, power the company’s medical devices and reduce the risk of contamination.

Real-time data acquisition, process quality monitoring and RJG functions for cavity pressure monitoring are integrated into the infrastructure of the new clean room. The office renovations include collaborative workspaces that allow quality and engineering teams to work more closely with customers on concepts, Design for Manufacturability (DfM), mold design and other manufacturing solutions.

The company expects to complete the entire expansion project by November 2021.

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