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Boomerang Bags Tea Gardens Hawks Nest Volunteers: Margaret Gooding, Sam Allen, Dalene Ding, Ingrid Feltis, Marley Allen, Caroline Price and Brooke Allen.

BOOMERANG Bags is committed to raising awareness of plastic pollution and promoting sustainable behavior through practical, positive community action.

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Boomerang bags provide people across Australia with the tools and resources to implement a community bag share program to create and circulate reusable Boomerang bags from recycled materials as a sustainable alternative to plastic.

Dedicated community members, schools and companies come together to make bags from recycled materials.

Through Boomerang Bags, members start conversations, make friends, cycle, divert waste, and work to shift society’s throwaway mentality into a more sustainable reuse revolution – one community, needle and thread at a time.

Boomerang Bags Tea Gardens The Hawks Nest is in our city at an early stage of establishment.

So far, a group of volunteers has started sewing bags with donated materials.

They also have their own personalized bags screen printed for the bags.

The volunteers seek support in the community for material donations to be used as bags.

The material can be dropped off at Hawks Nest Take Away or Tea Gardens Real Estate.

They also need volunteers to help with cutting, ironing, sewing, or any other thing they might be able to help with, such as sewing bees as extra hands.

Those interested can contact Brooke the Boomerang Bags Tea Gardens Hawks Nest Coordinator at 0473 877 169 or visit the Boomerang Bags Tea Gardens Hawks Nest Facebook page.

The personalized bags.The personalized bags.

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