Sulzer: recognizes brand-new recycling alternatives for ocean-bound plastic waste

With its knowledge in polymer processing, Sulzer Chemtech has actually established an approach for transforming recycled polyethylene terephthalate (ANIMAL) into top quality foams that match the homes of brand-new plastics. This advancement will assist #tide to accelerate its work to fight ecological contamination and increase the approval of recycled polymer-based items.

As a leading business in the upcycling of ocean-bound plastic, Tide Ocean SA gathers and transforms this waste into top-notch basic materials, the acclaimed #tide ocean product ®, for brand-new sustainable items. The business has the ability to process a large range of polymer waste, consisting of family pet from plastic bottles, polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE). These are presently being made into pellets, yarn, and filaments that can be utilized in a range of applications such as plastic injection molding, fabrics, and3D printing

When searching for brand-new procedures for upcycling ocean-bound plastic waste, the OST – University of Applied Sciences Eastern Switzerland relied on Sulzer Chemtech. In its technical center geared up with the most contemporary lathering devices, the business has actually shown that it is possible to utilize the recycled granulate to make broadened family pet (XPET) foam sheets. It likewise specified the most essential processing conditions in order to get boards that are equivalent from traditional XPET made from virgin plastic. This will permit #tide to provide items that can be utilized in product packaging and building, and will assist enhance the sustainability of these markets.

Daniel Schwendemann, Teacher at the Institute for Products Science and Plastics Processing (IWK) at OST – University of Applied Sciences Eastern Switzerland, remarks: “The collaboration with Sulzer Chemtech was essential for the advancement of XPET foam sheets made from our recycled basic material. The business’s professionals assisted us to identify the viability of #tide ocean product ® and the optimum procedures for providing top quality items. We eagerly anticipate future cooperation. “.

Marc Krebs, CCO at Tide Ocean SA, states: “We are continuously searching for brand-new usages for our recycled plastic pellets. The capability to make foams opens brand-new doors to a wide range of markets and assists us lower plastic waste through upcycling. We are really grateful to Sulzer Chemtech for assisting us establish this brand-new processing approach for our recycled pellets. “.

Daniel Rytz, Global Head Method and Company Advancement at Sulzer Chemtech, concludes: “We eagerly anticipate the feedback from OST and #tide. Our comprehensive experience in establishing foams made from recycled plastics assists us carry out expediency tests rapidly and efficiently. Time we can utilize our sophisticated extrusion innovation to establish and evaluate procedures. We eagerly anticipate supporting more ingenious tasks for the production of sustainable foams in the future. “.

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