Teel Plastics received the DoD order to manufacture COVID-19 test components

The Department of Defense, in coordination with the Department of Health and Human Services, awarded Teel Plastics LLC a $ 6.8 million contract to expand its industrial production capacity for injection molded and extruded swab sticks.

This expansion is needed to support an increased production rate of test swabs for COVID-19 test kits and to ensure sufficient production capacity and supply for domestic smear for potential future pandemics.

These industrial base efforts will allow Teel Plastics to add an additional 50 million injection molded swab sticks and 66 million extruded swab sticks per month through March 2021 to support COVID-19 testing in the US.

Teel Plastics will build this expanded manufacturing capacity in Baraboo, Wisconsin, to support the continued efforts of the DOD’s Joint Rapid Acquisition Cell (formerly the Joint Acquisition Task Force). The Joint Rapid Acquisition Cell is contracted by the Department of Air Force Acquisition Organization and funded by the Health Care Enhancement Act (HCEA) to enable and support the expansion of the industrial base for critical medical resources domestically. Teel’s contract supports a significant increase in volume for a market the company has served for over forty years.

Teel also makes a number of other products that are used in the fight against COVID-19. This includes components for medical breathing apparatus and oral hygiene kits. Teel also makes plastic film cores that are used to make infusion bags, medicine bags, and pharmaceutical packaging. These cores are used in a clean room environment.

Tom Thompson, President von Teel, said, “We are very proud and excited to be able to make these much-needed swab products in the nation’s fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. Our employees have been at the forefront of this battle since March and have made over 500 million swab sticks to date. This additional capacity allows us to increase production to provide the country with the necessary swab sticks for use in Covid-19 test kits. This new capacity will require over 50 additional employees to be hired at Teel, and we are now recruiting for these positions.

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