The Colorado Plastic Bag Prohibition Act goes to the governor’s desk to be signed

DENVER, Colorado (KRDO) – As the Colorado legislature draws to a close this week, both the Senate and House of Representatives passed a bill that would prohibit the use of plastic bags in stores.

The ban will not take effect immediately. If signed, the law would come into force in 2024. Grocery stores, restaurants, and other businesses can no longer provide plastic bags to their customers.

Restaurants are expected to have a bigger impact, with the law banning styrofoam bins and restricting the way restaurants deliver leftovers to customers.

However, if a restaurant or grocery store has an excess of plastic bags or styrofoam containers, they can still dispense them, but at the consumer’s expense. The customer has to pay ten cents for each bag handed in.

There are a few exceptions to these potential limitations. Small mom and pop grocery stores with three or fewer locations can still dispense plastic bags but still have to charge ten cents each.

Well, even before the Colorado bag ban goes into effect, that ten-cent fee will begin in 2023. From the beginning of the year through 2024. Each plastic and paper bag dispensed costs ten cents. A portion of the money raised through these fees goes to recycling programs and also to the store. Even after 2024, the ten-cent fee for paper bags will remain in place.

Further information on Senate Act 21-180 can be found here.

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