The laptop plastic molded parts company has moved on to eco-friendly beauty packaging

The French company Roctool specializes in patented technology for high tech, aerospace and now cosmetics

Automotive and high-tech plastic injection molding company Roctool has evolved into beauty packaging.

The France-based company specializes in a patented technology that makes plastic parts without the need for follow-up operations such as painting and decorating.

According to Roctool, its method is environmentally friendly as it works with standard recycled and bio-sourced resins and requires fewer coatings that contribute to a harmful carbon footprint.

“Our technology does not allow any compromises between luxury and sustainability. Today the two have to go hand in hand, ”said Mathieu Boulanger, CEO of Roctool.

“That is why we are advancing our research in several areas: with designers from all over the world, suppliers of innovative materials and of course with our customers, whose expectations we share.

“We are aware that our industry has entered a new era, a challenge that we have to face every day.”

Roctool Beauty Solutions is said to be suitable for all types of makeup, skin care and fragrance packaging solutions, including bottles, flexible and rigid tubes, jars and all types of lids and caps.

It can also use its heating technology to control the temperature in the mold and create ultra-thin parts, glossy, matte and textured surfaces.

Roctool added that it can also fix defects such as injection points, welding lines and all other material flow lines.

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