The proposed Plastic Park near the port of Ellesmere could create over 130 jobs

A plastic park could be built near Ellesmere Harbor as CheshireLive is aware that a building application will be submitted to Cheshire West and Chester Council this month.

The site would be in Protos on Grinsome Road and, if the building application is successful, could create more than 130 jobs.

Two facilities on the site have already received building permits from Cheshire West and Chester Council and now the company will apply for five more.

The aim of the project is to reduce the need for virgin plastic and provide a circular economy solution for plastic waste in the northwest, as well as a single site solution for the separation and recycling of plastics.

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In the company’s planning consultancy, Protos explained: “Protos has already received a framework planning permit that stipulates a maximum number of truck movements.

“Traffic related to the Plastic Park will stay within the levels currently approved for Protos with no additional truck movements suggested.

“The waste arriving at Plastic Park includes plastic collected from homes and businesses in Cheshire West and Chester and the surrounding area.

“Although each plant is to be operated independently, we expect a flow of material between the plants in order to create a circular economy in the northwest where nothing is wasted.

“The incoming material is dry, mixed recyclable materials that are not allowed to smell.”

The site will bring together various technologies that enable the recycling of mixed materials and plastics, with the plastic that is unsuitable for recycling being used to generate hydrogen in the Plastic to Hydrogen facility.

Gowy Town Councilor, Graham Heatley, lives in Elton and has supported the proposals as long as Protos makes certain assurances.

He said, “I generally support Protos Plastic Park and the employment opportunities that are being created in the swamps.

“We have to work towards a more sustainable future and the days when it was acceptable to ship our rubbish halfway around the world for someone else to endanger the global climate are over.

“I have concerns that some processes can create small pieces of plastic that can be released into the local environment, and I have asked for assurances that the local nature and waterways will be protected.

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“I am also aware of the bigger picture of sustainability when it comes to transportation. Many of the processes in the Plastics Park will be relocated and, as such, sustainable transport needs to be rethought.

“I actively asked Protos if they would team up with the local authority to perhaps design public and sustainable transport for Protos Plastics Park.”

Following the consultation, Protos intends to submit a building application to the council in August and expect a decision by the end of the year.

The proposal also stipulates that the construction work will be contingent on the granting of the building permit and subsequent contract negotiations, but is currently planned with the start of construction in 2022.

Plastic Park is a proposal for dealing with some of the 4.9 million tons of plastic waste that is currently being landfilled, in the oceans, or exported overseas.

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