The state awards grants to promote plastics recycling

North Carolina will invest nearly half a million dollars in grants for 16 securities processors. | Nordroden / Shutterstock

North Carolina will help fund projects to improve PP sorting, reclaim colored bottle flakes, shred old street carts, collect laboratory plastics, and more.

The North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality (NC DEQ) announced nearly $ half a million in recycling grants to 16 recyclable materials processors to develop their recycling business. Companies have to match the funds they grant with their own money. Overall, the grants will help stimulate $ 1.3 million investment in recycling facilities.

For plastics, the grants went to the following companies and projects:

  • American recycling received $ 50,000 for an optical sorter to expand the collection and sorting of PP.
  • Brunson Recycling received $ 37,000 for an aspirator and rotary drum to expand and improve industrial plastics recycling.
  • Cardinal recycling Received $ 20,000 for a conveyor belt baler to increase its processing capacity for industrial plastics, film, and paperboard.
  • Clear Path Recycling received $ 40,000 for a grinding system to reclaim colored plastic bottle flakes.
  • EnviroVision received $ 30,000 for a shredder conveyor system in support of its new service to collect, reuse, and recycle 96-gallon out-of-service carts.
  • Global Circle Recycling received $ 30,000 for a shredding and regrinding system for processing additional industrial plastics.
  • Mahan & Huff received $ 11,000 for tractor units to expand its styrofoam recycling program.
  • Plastic network Received $ 25,000 for silos to store materials and make product blending easier, allowing the company to expand specifications for plastics that can be accepted and recycled.
  • Shimar received $ 47,000 for a forklift and laboratory plastics recycling truck from regional research institutes and companies.

Two other projects will support the recycling of mixed materials, including plastics. North Davidson Garbage Service received $ 25,000 for a wheel loader to more safely and effectively manage incoming mixed recycling loads, and Sonoco Recycling in Raleigh received $ 50,000 for an optical sorter to separate fiber and non-fiber recyclables.

Last year, NC DEQ provided nearly $ 666,000 to 20 companies. American Recycling and Clear Path Recycling received grants in both 2020 and 2021.

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