The TN Pollution Control Authority appeals to people not to use plastic

Chennai, October 14th (IANS) The Tamil Nadu State Pollution Control Board has appealed to the population not to use plastic or polyethylene materials during the Ayudha Puja and Deepavali festivities.

This is due to the widespread use of polyethylene bags when people buy clothes, candy, fruits, vegetables, flowers, and other materials from street vendors, vegetable markets, shops and supermarkets that use polyethylene bags extensively.

Supriya Sahu, chief secretary of Tamil Nadu who holds the full additional office of chairman of the TN Pollution Control Board, said in a statement Wednesday that single-use plastic covers should not be recommended.

She said that regardless of their thickness, the plastic carrier bags, non-woven carrier bags, plastic-coated paper bags and cups, plastic cups, thermocol cups, plastic tea cups, water packages / bags, plastic straws, the plastic flags should be avoided and instead appealed to people to use eco-friendly bags for shopping bring with you.

The environment minister said the state government is making extra efforts to reduce pollution, adding that the Greater Chennai Corporation, the Department of the Environment, Climate Change and Forests, the Tamil Nadu government and TNPCB are making serious efforts on the matter. Supriya Sahu added that the government is strictly enforcing measures to ban single-use plastic items in Tamil Nadu.

In the statement, Supriya Sahu also said, “Please be aware that there is a tremendous risk of plastic pollution around us, suffocating our planet earth and wreaking havoc on our ecosystem, including marine life and negatively impacting the health of our children . “

After the DMK government took office, the state government implemented several programs to raise awareness against plastic pollution and mainly focuses on a people-centered approach to contain environmental pollution.


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