Tool service for plastic parts: an overview

As an entrepreneur, you may have already come across the opportunity to order customer-specific plastic parts from a manufacturer. When outsourcing such plastic components, it is crucial to consider factors such as tooling; In this way, inexpensive plastic parts of good quality are created.

What is tool making for plastic parts?

Plastic part tooling is one way of making custom molds for plastic parts. The resulting components are inexpensive and functional because they come from custom steel molds that form liquid plastic in the injection molding machine. The finished plastic parts also have a precisely fitting design close to the surface.

Tool options

There are several types of tool options including:

  • Injection molds made of plastic. These types of tools are ideal for mass producing plastic parts. It starts with custom steel molds that are placed in the injection molding machines. The machines inject molten plastic into these molds. When this process is complete, each part is removed from the mold by placing it in hot water. Plastic injection molding is one of the most economical options with the shortest delivery times.
  • Plastic blow molds. It’s similar to injection molding tools, except that compressed air or gas blows into a piston to force each plastic part out of the mold. Also, plastic blow molds are a budget-friendly option because they are faster than other types.
  • Plastic molds. This type of tool includes custom steel molds that are placed in a hydraulic press to pressurize and shape heated plastic.
  • Steel frame. This tooling option uses sheet metal, which creates a rigid frame that manufacturers attach the steel molds to. It’s easy, and manufacturers can customize it to design different types of the finished part.
  • Bare forms made of steel. As a tooling method, it also uses steel molds but has no moving parts. It is mainly used in making plastic injection mold or blow molding.

What are the advantages of tools for plastic parts?

The tool for plastic parts offers innumerable advantages. Some of the most important are:

  • Fast delivery. Creating custom shapes for plastic parts is a faster process than other methods. In this way, you will receive exactly the part you need in the shortest possible time, sometimes even in as little as ten days, depending on the complexity of the part in question.
  • Inexpensive. The process itself is lucrative as you don’t create new shapes for bulk parts. This saves you money and avoids costly mistakes that would require new tools for one or two defective components.
  • The shapes created with the tool technology are very versatile. Using them allows you to create multiple parts of different shapes or sizes from a single shape.
  • Increased accuracy. You can achieve greater precision with tools for plastic parts. This aspect ensures that you receive high quality end products.
  • Improved quality. Tooling offers much better quality parts compared to DIY methods. This means that the finished product is not only accurate but also of the highest quality.

Where can you outsource tooling services for plastic parts?

At Proto Plastics, we provide high quality plastic part tooling services so that you get exactly the part you need. We are a contract manufacturer offering full service assemblies and custom plastic injection molded parts. We specialize in tightly tolerated and technically demanding parts that are indispensable in various industrial sectors.

We also offer a wide range of tool functions and options. Contact us today to get a quote for your plastic part tools and to learn more about our services.

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