Trainprinting: Deutsche Bundesbahn now 3D printing its own parts

In the midst of the global supply chain crisis that is affecting various industries, Deutsche Bahn wants to keep its trains running by quickly 3D printing spare parts.

In order to procure spare parts in times of delivery bottlenecks and raw material shortages, Deutsche Bahn has announced that it will now repair its trains by 3D printing its own spare parts and tools.

The aim is to get your trains back into operation faster than before, instead of waiting for fresh parts, the company announced on Thursday and announced a major expansion of in-house 3D printing.

Seat numbers, ventilation grilles and grab handles are now printed with their own large-format 3D printers in the Deutsche Bahn railway works in Nuremberg and Neumünster, among others.

“We want our trains to keep going for our customers and not wait in the workshop,” says board member Daniela Gerd tom Markotten.

While 3D printing has long been used for model railways, its use in the rail industry has only developed in recent years, with rail companies increasingly paying industrial 3D printing experts to develop replacement parts on demand.

According to Deutsche Bahn, it has ordered 26,000 3D-printed parts since 2015. These parts are now to be manufactured by the company itself. – dpa

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