US-Vertex Manufacturing selects VELO3D to meet the growing demand for production-ready metal parts for 3D printing |

Cincinnati-based advanced manufacturer and full-service machining operation expands support for production programs with its first intelligent additive manufacturing solution, VELO3D Sapphire®

VELO3D Inc., a leader in advanced additive manufacturing (AM) for high-quality metal parts, today announced that Vertex Manufacturing, a Cincinnati-based company providing CNC machining and manufacturing services from design to production, has selected VELO3D decided to meet the growing demand for 3D printed “impossible” metal parts.

Vertex was born from the desire of AM pioneers Greg Morris, Steve Rengers and Tim Warden, previously Morris Technologies Inc. (MTI), to leverage their advanced manufacturing and technology backgrounds to help companies solve some of their toughest problems. Vertex is AS9100, ISO13485 and ITAR registered and certified.

At MTI, Morris and the company were best known for their work with GE Aviation’s 3-D printed LEAP Engine fuel nozzle, which is used in commercial aviation. In an industry known for having high standards for the safety and quality of the parts it manufactures, the LEAP Engine fuel nozzle was one of the first metal AM parts approved by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for flight was approved. Morris is also known for his early experience with industrial metals such as titanium and for incorporating AM into traditional manufacturing systems. MTI was acquired by GE Aviation in 2012.

“With a unique technology that enables production parts to be made that would be impractical or impossible using other methods, our new additive manufacturing solution from VELO3D gives customers even more freedom in designing and constructing some of the most complex geometries imaginable” said Greg Morris, Co-Founder and CEO of Vertex Manufacturing. “This is why Steve, Tim and I started Vertex Manufacturing – to help customers take advantage of the most advanced manufacturing technologies and push the boundaries of what is possible.”

While Morris Technologies was primarily focused on prototyping use cases, Vertex was founded on a mission to help customers who need advanced manufacturing solutions for both development and production programs. They offer a range of services including advanced multi-axis CNC machining, additive manufacturing, high speed casting, and final inspection of the manufactured parts.

“At VELO3D we are helping innovators like Vertex accelerate the future of manufacturing, not just for their customers, but for the benefit of all of humanity,” said Benny Buller, founder and CEO of VELO3D. “This new partnership speaks to the real and transformative capabilities that VELO3D brings to metal additive manufacturing.”

Vertex will receive its first full-stack VELO3D Sapphire solution later this month, which will be set up to print metal parts in Inconel 718 (PDF), a nickel-based superalloy known for its excellent tensile strength under extreme printing conditions and heat. It will be installed along with other advanced manufacturing systems like a state of the art Makino a61nx CNC machining center. Vertex plans to add more VELO3D solutions in the future based on feedback from existing customers who appreciate the quality, efficiency and productivity benefits.

“This first machine should be fully operational by mid-July,” said Morris. “As we move forward, we would like to leverage our team’s knowledge and experience in bringing products to market or producing products to put a stronger focus on tracking production programs, be it traditional manufacturing, advanced metal AM, or a combination of both.”

In March, VELO3D announced plans to merge with JAWS Spitfire Acquisition Corporation (NYSE: SPFR) to become a public company.

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