Varanasi: CIPET trains workers for the petrochemical and plastics industries | News from Varanasi

VARANASI: The 42nd Central Institute for Petrochemicals Engineering and Technology (CIPET) will soon begin training skilled workers for the country’s plastics industry on its own campus in the Karsada area.
“The CIPET Center for Skilling and Technical Support (CSTS) building and campus were sanctioned Rs 40.1 crore,” said Department Commissioner Deepak Agrawal. The foundation stone for the C1PET-CSTS campus is expected to be laid by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his next visit to Varanasi.
Regarding CIPET-CSTS Varanasi, the chief director and head Dr. SN Yadav that the CSTS training programs started in 2020-21 in rental accommodation, but with the completion of the construction of a dedicated campus in the Karsada area of ​​the Varanasi-Mirzapur border, all training and activities will be relocated there.
Given the very high demand for skilled workers in the petrochemical and plastics industries, which is already huge and continues to grow, the CIPET-CSTS comes here to train the local youth, said Dr. Yadav, adding that this institute will open up new opportunities for the young people who have left school after the 8th or 10th grade, as the basic requirements for admission to the courses are the same.
With a special focus on providing academic and job-oriented qualification education to unemployed and underemployed youth by seeing the emerging needs and growth of the plastics industry, the CIPET-CSTS Varanasi will conduct training programs for machine operators in plastics processing and injection molding, blow molding, plastic extrusion , Tool making, CNC lathe, CNC milling and plastics processing, he said.
Dr. Yadav said improving their technical skills and providing them with self-employment will help bring them into the mainstream. In addition, the institute offers training and technical consulting services in the areas of construction, CAD / CAM, tool making, plastics processing and testing.
He added that the center will not only conduct short-term programs, but also develop technically skilled workers for the needs of the plastics and related industries in India and abroad, programs for quality control and standardization of plastic materials, product engineering, advisory and advisory services for the improvement of technological commercial competitiveness is also provided.
The programs in the manufacture of molds, tools and processes of plastic products, research and development in the fields of plastic engineering and technology are also carried out.

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