Walmarts across Maine goes bagless as the state bans plastic

Starting July 1, all Walmart stores in Maine will stop using plastic bags.

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Main Drops Disposable Plastic Bags


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The state-run Walmart has set itself the goal of becoming a zero waste business, which means there are no more plastic bags.

For in-store pickup and purchase, Walmart customers must provide their own reusable bags and bins.

With the upcoming ban, Walmart will be bagless at all of its Maine locations on July 1 through 2040, according to a Walmart representative.

Maine’s plastic ban

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The state ban on plastic bags comes into force on July 1st. The law should come into force in April 2020. However, because of the epidemic, it was postponed.

The regulation aims to reduce plastic pollution by encouraging shoppers to bring their own bags.

According to the Maine Department of Environmental Protection, once the rule goes into effect, all tote bags provided or made accessible by retailers must be either reusable or recycled paper bags.

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Companies that move

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Retail businesses must also charge a minimum of $ 5 per tote bag for recyclable paper bags and recyclable plastic bags.

Consumers usually take the plastic bags waiting for customers at the checkout unless you’ve carried reusable grocery bags to the store. Unfortunately, you are not alone; around 100 billion plastic bags are used in the US every year.

Unfortunately, single-use plastic bags can have a significant negative impact on the environment after driving to the grocery store. Only about ten percent of the plastic bags used in the United States are recycled, the rest polluting soils, oceans and other natural areas.

Large companies


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Large companies are trying to reduce their use of plastic bags to deal with pollution and other environmental problems. So if you do frequent Walmart shopping, don’t be shocked if the plastic bags go away in the coming months. The company announced its intention to become a zero waste company last summer, which means there will be no more plastic bags.

Walmart has partnered with Beyond the Bag to “reinvent” the plastic bag by researching reusable alternatives. Beyond the bag also has Target and CVS as first partners, and the three companies have already invested $ 15 million in developing a revolutionary bag design.


As part of the program, the #BeyondtheBag challenge was launched, which gives innovators the opportunity to contribute their ideas. The competition ran over the summer of 2020 and nine winners were chosen from over 450 entries. The winning ideas cover a wide range of topics, from handing out reusable bags in a shop kiosk to a new and better paper bag. With the initiative’s support, every product now has the opportunity to be evaluated.

Permanent deputy

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While Walmart has yet to agree on a permanent replacement for plastic bags, a more sustainable future is on the horizon. Check out our list of reusable bags to take with you on your next visit to the supermarket if you want to start reducing plastic bag usage right away. This is the easiest way to recycle plastic bags from previous trips.

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