What can you do with all these plastic Easter eggs?

LAFAYETTE, La. – The Easter bunny left and left us toys, candy, green plastic grass all over the house and those plastic eggs.

As we begin to pick up our Easter decorations, some may be wondering what to do with all of the leftover plastic Easter eggs. Lafayette’s consolidated government is urging the community not to throw away or recycle the eggs, but to find a way to reuse them.

“We’re trying to get the message across so people can see that these plastic eggs can’t get into our recycling system,” says Bess Foret, environmental quality manager at LCG.

Foret encourages the community to be creative with the kids while they are out of school this week by using the eggs to complete DIY projects.

“Of course, one option is to save them and keep them for the next year,” says Foret. “But if you want to do something different, there are a lot of people out there who are very creative and enjoy doing the do-it-yourself projects.”

There are many ideas online on how to reuse the eggs, such as fairy lights and garlands for next Easter. The eggs might even come in handy in your yard this spring.

“You can use them at the bottom of your pots so they’re not that heavy. You put the bottom on top and the bottom of your pots will be well drained,” says Kennis Pippin, the owner of the Garden Center. “You can also take them, turn them upside down, and plant small succulents in them.”

“Using these eggs is an idea to think about these kinds of things. I really only have to use them once, I can reuse them and find something else to do with it,” says Foret. “There’s a lot to be done to make these plastic eggs, and we don’t want them to sit in a landfill forever. So just thinking about how you use things around your home is a good lesson.”

In addition to the plastic eggs, the colorful plastic Easter grass that is used for decoration cannot be recycled either. That list of unwanted plastics includes grocery bags, sandwich bags, and bubble wrap.

While these items cannot be recycled, items like plastic bottles, glasses, and jugs are recommended as long as they are emptied, cleaned, and dried.

For a full list of ways in which to reuse and reuse your plastic eggs, please visit the Lafayette Consolidated Government Facebook page or these ideas articles here and here.

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