Two thermoset formers in Wisconsin have merged.

Wisconsin Thermoset Molding Inc. and Rose Polymer Composites LLC will continue to operate their respective Milwaukee facilities, the companies announced on Jan. 14, but plan to consolidate under one roof in three to five years.

“(Wisconsin Thermoset) has traditionally been an injection molding machine for small to medium-sized, low volume, high mix parts,” said Andy Stroh, vice president of sales for Wisconsin Thermoset, in a press release. “Rose Polymer Composites is one of the few companies in the industry dedicated to molding large parts.”

Stroh said the combined companies will be better able to customize components from concept to prototyping to production.

Wisconsin Thermoset’s processes include injection molding, compression molding, and resin transfer / compression molding. It operates 24 presses with closing pressures from 70 to 600 tons.

Rose Polymer forms a range of thermosetting plastics, including bulk and sheet molding compounds, phenols, epoxies, melamine and diallyl phthalate.

Stroh stated that the merged companies will increase capital investments aimed at advanced materials, better prototyping, faster processing, more finishing capabilities and new services like parts assembly.

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