With HP Jet Fusion, XFeet can 3D print 1,000 custom insoles per month

HPMulti Jet Fusion 3D printing is used by the manufacturer of customer-specific insoles XFeet because it realizes its ambition to manage its entire production workflow on its own.

The French manufacturer will use a HP Jet Fusion 5200 System for the production of approx. 1,000 pairs of tailor-made, lightweight orthopedic insoles per month from organically grown PA11 thermoplastic. The company says the technology will enable it to maintain competitive prices, improve productivity, and significantly reduce manufacturing lead times compared to traditional production methods.

XFeet’s end-to-end process is currently starting with a 3D scan of the patient’s feet using the specially developed XFOne scanner. The scan is then fed into an online platform that generates the custom insoles based on the wearer’s unique morphology and movement and is ready for 3D printing.

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XFeet is believed to have worked with healthcare systems for the past seven years to develop this 3D technology. By directly involving hospitals and health centers in the development process, XFeet has been able to deliver a product that is accessible across the public health system, and through the dedicated online platform, health professionals can access patient records from anywhere in the world. So far, around 100 podiatrists are expected to use XFeet technology in their practice.

XFeet is the latest in a line of customers in the footwear and podiatry industries to use HP additive manufacturing technology for manufacturing. Last year, HP announced a collaboration with major sportswear brand New Balance and insole specialist Superfeet to deliver bespoke 3D-printed shoes for consumers. Previous partnerships included the Brooks Running Company to develop personalized running shoes and the NFL to provide personalized shoe recommendations.

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