World’s largest plastics-to-fuel factory planned in Georgia

Brightmark Energy LLC plans to build a factory in Georgia that will convert Styrofoam cups and other plastic waste into fuel and chemicals.

The $ 680 million facility will be the largest of its kind in the world, the company said on Monday. When completed, the facility will process 400,000 tons of waste into 64 million gallons of diesel and naphtha and 20 million gallons of wax annually.

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Tackling plastic pollution is one of the toughest environmental challenges as the amount of waste entering global water supplies is expected to double to 53 million tons per year by 2030, according to a September report in Science magazine.

The Georgia facility will be Brightmark’s second such investment. The company already has a 100,000-ton pilot facility in Indiana. No schedule was given for the Georgia project.

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