Zero Waste and Recology join forces for Plastic Free July

Zero Waste Sonoma and Recology Sonoma-Marin are working together to promote a waste-free lifestyle by encouraging Sonoma County’s residents to participate in Plastic Free July.

The Plastic Free July campaign was launched in 2011 by the Plastic Free Foundation to promote a lifestyle without plastic waste.

The main target of the campaign was single-use and single-use plastics. Plastic wrap, plastic food packaging, and expanded polystyrene foam, along with cigarette butts and broken glass, are among the top five most discarded items in the United States, according to a press release from Recology and Zero Waste Sonoma.

Recology is one of three waste handlers operating in Sonoma County. Zero Waste Sonoma is a regional government agency whose mission is to implement the regional commitment to achieve zero waste by 2030.

“It’s important to attend Plastic Free July because so many plastics are being made as single-use and single-use items when they are released.

About 326 million people in 177 countries are taking part in Plastic Free July, according to the two agencies. A 2020 survey by IPSOS, an international market research firm, found that respondents reduced their household waste and recycling by £ 46 per person per year, 8.5 out of 10 people made their monthly changes permanent, and the movement’s combined efforts to 2 trillion Pounds of plastic are saved every year.

The two agencies have listed four different ways residents can participate in Plastic Free July. The first is to join the movement directly and accept the promise of challenge.

The second is to plan for garbage disposal on a beach, river, or in the neighborhood. Anyone who participates in a garbage cleaning is encouraged to use the Clean Swell smartphone app or to take photos to document the cleaning. Those who take part and document their actions can receive a prize at the film screening “Story of Plastic” on July 30th.

Local experts are also hosting a “Bye Bye Plastic” webinar on July 19th from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm to share their goals and methods for creating a waste-free environment, as well as tips for eliminating plastic waste.

Plastic-free July ends on Friday, July 30th, with an event at 7 p.m. in the SOMO Village Courtyard in Rohnert Park. The event is free of charge.

Visit to accept the promise or attend the webinar.

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